i love your art, it´s amazing! i especially like your pictures of ace <3 i´m currently reading one piece, and last night i read those chapters in marineford... and my life ended :´(( (okay, i´m still alive, but my heart is broken...) but your pictures are so cute and wonderful and somehow they help me cope with the pain. thanks for that :) i look forward to when you´ll be again open for suggestins!

thank you so much omg I’m so happy to know that my art makes you feel better after the huge waterfall that was the marineford arc guhg;;;  you’re very welcome!!!/// <3 

I’ll be opening them soon!! I’ve been p art blocked lately and have no idea what to draw so that’ll help a lot!!

How you do the ace drawings so hella!?

bbbb thank you I’m flattered// ;//o//;

I draw him a lot and make sure to use references uwu I have more drawings of him but they’re mostly practice doodles

Bruh I like your art,they are so cute omg

thank you very much!!

taking selfies with your cute gf ♥ uvu

taking selfies with your cute gf ♥ uvu

I really like how you draw Nepeta and Sollux! They're both freaking adorable!

thank you!! <3

I love your art and I also really love your Ace/OPsona stuff a lot, just everything is adorable

aaa aaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa////

omg anon thank you so much that means a lot to me ;////;

I always felt like I was annoying my followers with my self-insert stuff which is why I made a sideblog for it but ghfhgf knowing that some ppl don’t mind and like it makes me so happy thank youuu////

z is for zombie

I think you should take a photo of yourself to update your previous one

I tried to take a selfie and cried for 5 minutes


Oda style attempt #??? feat. me &amp; ace hot pants


Oda style attempt #??? feat. me & ace hot pants

gosh I’m finally done w/ this (hopefully this hasn’t been done already??)

an anon requested some frobin so I thought ‘hey why not make a mini comic of them? and this idea was born because this ship makes me happy u//u//u